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Hi; Dear Friend
As already said on the Main page of my Website.I m an average human like most of the people are.
I m a punjabi munda from the happening city "Ludhiana" of the Punjab state of this hell called"India".
I am a philoshiphic kindda person with deep thoughts & realistic approach to life;values & All releated things.But that never means that i am just`s a domanating part of my nature;no doubts.but not the only . "Masti" is also a equally domaniting phase of my Personality.
I am having so much to share with my friends & people who love me for many or none reasons.
In this Section of my website;i have elaboratly described Most of my Personal aspects like "My history; My thoughts; My likes & My dislikes;& My Future plans etc." They won`t matter to others but to my friends & my people,only.
So the sense behind making them publical is just to share them with people who really do wanna know this all & are using internet & are my friends via this medium of  communication.
Well; Rest of things along with the details are available in other pages.
Hope you will like to have a look at your interest`s page/s.
Good Bye.
God Bless You.
With all my love.
                                                                  ---------------------- Mr. ISHQDEEP.